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devilbiss paint suit|What is the difference between protective clothing, isolation clothing and surgical clothing?

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devilbiss paint suit|What is the difference between protective clothing, isolation clothing and surgical clothing?


Disposable protective clothing, disposable isolation clothing and disposable surgical clothing are all commonly used protective articles for hospital medical staff. The protective articles selected are also different in different scenarios such as diagnosis of patients, clinical surgery and blood test. Xiaobian will analyze which kind of protective articles should be selected in various situations.

Disposable protective clothing

1、 Product features

Disposable protective clothing: the disposable protective clothing is made of high-performance spunbonded non-woven fabric and antistatic medical dialysis membrane, which is light, soft and has high protective performance. Disposable protective clothing has filtering, dustproof, bacteria filtering and particle free ultrasonic sealing edge, which can better block dust and microorganisms without allergy. Protective clothing is used to prevent medical staff from being infected, which belongs to single isolation.

Disposable isolation clothing: disposable isolation clothing is usually made of non-woven materials or combined with materials with better impermeability, such as plastic film. Disposable isolation clothes are used to protect medical personnel from blood, body fluids and other infectious substances when contacting, or protective articles to protect patients from infection. Isolation clothes can not only prevent medical staff from being infected or polluted, but also prevent patients from being infected. They belong to two-way isolation.

Disposable surgical clothing: disposable surgical clothing is made of non-woven fabric or film covered non-woven fabric composite materials with certain protective characteristics, which is used to prevent the transmission of infectious agents between patients and medical staff during operation and other invasive examinations. Surgical clothing plays a two-way protective role in the operation process. The barrier function of surgical clothing is regarded as the key to reduce the risk of infection in the operation process.

Disposable isolation clothes

2、 Usage scenario

Disposable protective clothing: 1. When contacting patients with Class A or under the management of class A infectious diseases. 2. Contact with patients with airborne or droplet borne infectious diseases may be splashed by the patient's blood, body fluids, secretions and excreta.

Disposable isolation clothing: 1. When contacting patients with infectious diseases transmitted by contact and patients infected with multidrug-resistant bacteria. 2. When protective isolation is applied to patients, such as diagnosis, treatment and nursing of patients with large area burns and bone marrow transplantation. 3. It may be splashed by the patient's blood, body fluids, secretions and feces.

Disposable surgical clothing: it is used after strict aseptic disinfection and invasive treatment of patients in a special operating room.

Disposable surgical clothes

3、 Appearance and material

Disposable protective clothing: disposable protective clothing is a one-piece structure composed of hooded jacket and trousers. Elastic rubber band is used to close the cuffs, ankle cuffs and hat face. The disposable protective clothing adopts smooth cloth to reduce fiber falling off, and is free from washing and maintenance. Protective clothing should fit and adequately cover the clothing inside.

Disposable isolation clothing: the isolation clothing shall be opened at the back to cover all clothes and exposed skin, so as to form a physical barrier for the transmission of microorganisms and other substances. The isolation clothes can be reused or disposable without hats.

Disposable surgical clothing: disposable surgical clothing is composed of collar, body, sleeve and lace up. It is one-piece and has no hat. Generally, the cuffs of surgical clothes are elastic band, which is easy to wear and wear sterile gloves. The cuffs of surgical clothes are made of pure cotton and high-density threaded cuffs, which are soft but not rigid. The neckline adopts high-quality Velcro design, which is more convenient to use than the traditional lace up type, and greatly shortens the wearing time.

To sum up, what is the difference between protective clothing, isolation clothing and surgical clothing?

In terms of appearance, protective clothing has a hat, while isolation clothing and surgical clothing do not have a hat; The waistband of the isolation suit should be tied to the front for easy removal, and the waistband of the surgical suit should be tied to the back.

From the perspective of usage scenarios and characteristics, the three have intersection. The use standard of disposable surgical clothing and disposable protective clothing was significantly higher than that of disposable isolation clothing;

For the scenes where isolation clothes are commonly used in clinic, disposable surgical clothes and isolation clothes can be used interchangeably, but the places where disposable surgical clothes must be used cannot be replaced by isolation clothes.



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