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automotive paint shop:How to wear disposable protective clothing?

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automotive paint shop:How to wear disposable protective clothing?


At present, the epidemic situation is repeated across the country. We must take protective measures. Today, chengge Xiaobian will take you to understand the method of wearing protective clothing. There are eight steps in total.

Disposable protective clothing

Before wearing protective clothing, you should go to the toilet and drink about 200ml of water to avoid dehydration due to wearing protective clothing for a long time.

1. Seven step washing technique

Wash hands with flowing water to fully wet your hands. Take an appropriate amount of soap or liquid soap and apply it evenly to the whole palm, back of hand, fingers and finger seams. When you're done, you're ready to rub it up!

a. (inside): palm to palm, fingers close together and rub each other.

b. (outside): rub the palms of your hands and the backs of your hands along the finger seams, and exchange your hands.

c. (clip): the palms are opposite, and the hands cross and rub each other along the finger seam.

d. (bow): bend the joints of each finger, rub the joints in the palm of the other hand, and exchange hands.

e. (large): rub your thumb in the opposite palm and exchange your hands.

f. (standing): put the tips of five fingers together on the opposite palm, rub them, and exchange hands.

g. (wrists): wash and rub wrists and arms, and exchange hands.

2. How to wear a disposable hat

a. Choose a hat of appropriate size, and fully cover the hair on the head and hairline to avoid exposure

b. Disposable hats should have tight straps or elastic bands to prevent hair scattering during wearing. For those with long hair, tie up their hair before wearing the hat and buckle all their hair into the hat

c. The two ends of the closing mouth of the disposable cap must be placed on the ears on both sides, not on the forehead or other parts. Otherwise, it will affect the implementation and bring unnecessary trouble.

3. How to wear disposable masks

a. The wearing method of disposable mask is relatively simple, but pay attention to the air tightness. Do not touch the surface of the mask after taking it, as shown in the figure:

b. Disposable masks can be divided into inside and outside. The light colored face has the function of absorbing or discarding dark moisture. When using, it should be close to the mouth and nose, and the dark face should face outward, as shown in the figure:

c. When using, the mask should be unfolded. When unfolding, it should be adjusted according to its own face shape to completely cover the nose, mouth and jaw, as shown in the figure:

d. Press the upper nose clip with both hands, which means to press the hard side above and stick it with the nose wing, as shown in the figure:

e. After compression, make the mask fully fit with its own face. At this time, you can feel whether there is air leakage when breathing

4. Wear inner gloves

Pay attention to select the appropriate model, neither too loose nor too tight. Before wearing, blow air to confirm that the gloves are complete and undamaged, and the edge of the gloves wraps the cuffs of the work clothes.

5. Wear protective clothing

Select the appropriate model and check whether the protective clothing is damaged before wearing. If there is no damage, put on the clothes first, then the coat, and then pull the zipper to the chest. Then buckle the one-piece hat on the head, pull all the zippers, and seal the zipper buckle. Move properly after wearing and check the ductility.

6. Wear goggles

The base note is closed, the lower edge of the goggles is pressed on the upper edge of the mask, the upper edge of the goggles is pressed on the edge of the protective clothing hat, and then adjusted to the appropriate tightness after wearing, ensuring tightness and comfort.

7. Wear boot cover

Put the sealing sleeve on the outside of the protective clothing.

8. Wear outer gloves

Select the appropriate model, blow air to check whether it is complete and undamaged, and press the edge of gloves against the cuff of protective clothing.

The above is the correct way to wear disposable protective clothing. I hope you can protect yourself during the epidemic.



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