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ppe for spray painting:Precautions for use of disposable medical protective clothing

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ppe for spray painting :Precautions for use of disposable medical protective clothing

Tips from the municipal market supervision and Administration Bureau:

Precautions for medical disposable protective clothing before use


1. Look at the implementation standards. Medical disposable protective clothing is generally class II medical devices, and the executive standard is GB 19082-2009 technical requirements for medical disposable protective clothing.

2. Look at the date and batch number. Medical disposable protective clothing shall be marked with production date, batch number and expiration date.

3. Look at the model and specification. The models of medical disposable protective clothing are divided into 160165170 and 175180185, and the specific model shall be marked on the package.

4. Look at the overall appearance. The outer package of medical disposable protective clothing shall be sealed tightly. The medical disposable protective clothing shall be dry, clean and free of mildew. The surface shall be free of adhesion, cracks, holes and other defects, and there shall be no perforation, cracks, cracks, folds and uneven thickness.

5. Look at the connection. The connection part of medical disposable protective clothing can be processed by needle sewing, bonding or heat sealing. The needle hole of needle sewing shall be sealed. The needle distance shall be 8 ~ 14 stitches every 3 cm. The stitch shall be uniform and straight without needle skipping. The parts after processing such as bonding or heat sealing shall be flat and sealed without bubbles. The zipper of protective clothing equipped with zipper shall not be exposed, and the pull head shall be self-locking.

6. Look at the closing part. The cuffs and ankles of disposable medical protective clothing adopt elastic closure, the face and waist of hat adopt elastic closure, pull rope closure or buckle.



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