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What are the precautions for disposing car spraying protective clothing?

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What are the precautions for disposing car spraying protective clothing?



  1. In the process of work, it should be noted that when the chemical protective clothing is continuously polluted by chemical substances, it must be replaced within the specified protection time. If the chemical protective clothing is damaged, it shall be replaced immediately. For air tight protective clothing or non air tight protective clothing with good sealing, it is recommended to follow the principle of two people walking together because they work in a relatively isolated space, that is, at least two people enter the working area together, so that they can be rescued in case of any situation.


2. Chemical protective clothing fabrics can provide effective protection for several hours, but if you wear air respirators, the working hours are determined by the working hours of air respirators. Pay attention to the effective service time of the air respirator and replace it in advance before the cylinder is used up. And when calculating the effective working time, the time occupied by walking and changing equipment should be considered.


3. Before taking off the protective gloves, try to avoid contacting the outer surface of the protective clothing. After taking off the gloves, try to contact the inner surface of the protective clothing. After taking off the protective clothing, the inner surface should face outward, and wrap the outer surface and pollutants inside to avoid the pollutants from contacting the human body and the environment. The removed protective articles shall be handled in a centralized manner to avoid expanding pollution in this process.


4. For complex and bulky protective clothing such as air tight or liquid tight protective clothing, it is recommended to have another person assist in wearing and taking off protective clothing, such as helping the wearer with some difficult work such as adjusting the hands and feet of protective clothing and pulling chains, and finally checking the condition of protective clothing after wearing it. When taking off the protective clothing, the assistant shall also take appropriate protection to avoid being polluted due to possible exposure to pollutants.



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