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ppe for spray painting:Analysis on the test process of protective clothing anti chemical liquid permeability tester

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ppe for spray painting:Analysis on the test process of protective clothing anti chemical liquid permeability tester


The chemical protection performance tester is a test system for testing the acid-base permeability resistance of protective clothing and other protective articles. The system can output permeability data according to the user's own settings. It is mainly used to test the chemical permeability resistance of protective clothing and other protective articles; The principle of the product is to form a closed loop through a micro flow pump, perspective constant temperature water bath box and water bath measuring room. The sample is clamped between the measuring room and the capture room through the split flange. Tetrafluoroethylene gaskets are placed on both sides of the sample. Silica gel rings and protective gaskets are installed at the contact position between the split flange and the measuring tank. During operation, the chemicals to be tested are added to the measuring room, The chemicals penetrate into the capture chamber through the sample, and the supplementary capture liquid is captured and circulated with the loop. In the process, the user is allowed to fine tune the circulating flow. In principle, the flow is neither too large nor too small. The flow is about 5 times the volume of the capture liquid, which is analyzed and calculated through the analysis electrode;

Reference standard

ASTM F739 Standard Test Method for resistance of protective clothing materials to liquid or gas penetration under continuous contact conditions; EN 374 protective gloves against chemical corrosion and microorganisms Part 4: Determination of resistance to chemical penetration;

En16523 determination of impermeability of materials with chemicals Part 1: penetration of liquid chemicals under continuous contact conditions; ISO 6529 protective clothing Protection of chemicals Determination of liquid and gas permeability resistance of protective clothing;

BS EN 14325-2018 chemical protective clothing Test methods and performance classification of seam connection and assembly of chemical protective clothing materials

application area

PTFE test room (ASTM F739) can be used together with glass test room or stainless steel test room to form a multifunctional chemical penetration test system, which can be used in laboratories, universities, CPC manufacturers, third-party laboratories or measurement units, petroleum industry, etc;

Experimental process

The operator prepares the solution to be tested for standby and holds the sample;

Put the measuring cell into the water bath together; Start the micropump and add capture liquid through the capture chamber until the loop is completed; Record the volume of capture liquid added; Adjust the flow rate to about 5 times the volume of capture liquid, and it is not recommended to exceed 500ml / min.

After stabilization, click the background and record the background value;

Add the chemicals to be tested into the measuring room, and the instrument will automatically collect and analyze the measurement parameters and penetration time at a fixed time interval



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