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automotive paint shop|Quick understanding of protective clothing testing

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automotive paint shop|Quick understanding of protective clothing testing


Protective clothing refers to the work clothes that protect the human body against physical, chemical, biological and other external factors. In addition to meeting the wear requirements of high strength and high wear resistance, it often varies due to different protection purposes and protection principles. The categories include fire protection clothing, industrial protective clothing, medical protective clothing, military protective clothing and protective clothing for special groups. It is mainly used in fire protection, military industry, chemical industry, painting, laboratory and other industries and departments.

Protective clothing testing

Detection range:

Surgical clean clothing, disposable medical protective clothing, chemical protective clothing, medical elastic bandage, medical nonwoven dressing, medical nonwoven dressing

Test items:

1. Resistance to dry / wet microbial penetration, cleanliness, floc falling, water permeability resistance, bursting strength and breaking strength

2. Appearance, structure, model and specification, water permeability, moisture permeability, synthetic blood penetration resistance, surface moisture resistance, breaking strength, elongation at break, filtration efficiency, flame retardancy, antistatic property, electrostatic attenuation performance, microbial index and ethylene oxide residue

3. Penetration time, penetration time, liquid repellent efficiency, resistance to hydrostatic pressure, strength reduction rate, joint breaking strength, splashing liquid tightness, spraying liquid tightness, wear resistance, bending flexibility, puncture resistance, breaking strength, tearing strength, color fastness to dry friction, formaldehyde content and pH value

4. Width, mass per unit area, warp density, weft density, static length, tensile length, tensile rate and recovery rate

5. Liquid absorption time, liquid absorption amount, water dissolution, fluorescent substances, pH, non-polar dissolution and surfactant

6. Absorption capacity, water absorption rate, structural strength, bursting strength and floc falling

Protective clothing testing

Product standard:

1. yy/t 0506.2-2016 operation sheets, surgical clothes and clean clothes for patients, medical staff and instruments - Part 2: performance requirements and test methods

2. GB 19082-2009 technical requirements for medical disposable protective clothing

3. GB 24540-2009 protective clothing protective clothing for acid and alkali chemicals

4. YY / T 0507-2009 basic performance parameter characterization and test method of medical elastic bandage

5. YY 0472.1-2004 test methods for medical nonwovens Part 1 - nonwovens for cloth production

6. YY 0472.2-2004 test methods for medical nonwovens Part 2 - finished products



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