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What should you wear when painting a car?

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What should you wear when painting a car?


What should you wear when painting a car?


What should you wear when painting a car? src=

Although present paint contrast before, compare environmental protection, but still cannot eliminate pollution completely. In particular, the harm to the paint construction personnel is still relatively large, the necessary protective measures to do a good job.

1, pay attention to the protection and maintenance in the construction: first of all, to choose a good paint, do not paint is not environmental protection.

2. During construction, please wear masks and gloves, wear old clothes, avoid direct contact between paint and skin, and open all Windows for ventilation. If painting, it is best to wear goggles to avoid paint mist into the eyes.

3, hands or skin with paint, as far as possible without harmful solvents to wash, can be used kerosene or diesel washing, or with soap, washing powder and sawdust scrubbing, and then wash with warm water.

4, before eating must wash hands and face, the use of harmful paint time is older should shower.

5, you can eat more food containing high vitamins, eat more vegetables and fruits, drink more water. Pay attention to rest. 6, usually can pay more attention to exercise, improve immunity




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